Connected Mothers


This six-part series offers tools and support that empowers us to be the connected mothers we all want to be. We’ll be exploring the power of our beliefs, and learning how to nurture emotional intelligence. We will move from controlling to coaching – and from engaging with fear to engaging with love. Through it all, we’ll be strengthening our ability to give our children a sense of personal value and worthiness that they really own. Our goal in this series is for every child to see themselves as a key player in Hashem’s world who is empowered to navigate life and shine with confidence, clarity, compassion and joy. 



Wednesday evenings, 9 PM Eastern Time

On Zoom & Teleconference

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Or Text PARENTING to 718 576 0338


This series begins on Wednesday, 13th Kislev

Last class in this series is on Wednesday 25th Teves

There are no classes on Chanuka.



For past video classes click HERE or recordings HERE.

They will also be uploaded to our hotline (718)307-1100 option 3.

To protect the privacy of participants, questions and comments will be removed from the recordings, so you gain much more when you join us live on Wednesday nights at 9 PM.

There is no fee to join, every mother is welcome! 

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