Ready to take the book to the next level?

Energized Living Groups are growing in many communities around the world. People who participate in groups share that what they get from being part of the group is unparalleled. There is nothing as empowering as being part of a sisterhood where you are understood and supported, even as you are inspired to grow.

The ideal way to join a group is to start one on your own!

The following detailed guide can give you ideas about how to start one. But many group leaders have not even used these ideas! Many group leaders have a very simplified process: One woman reads for ten minutes, and then an interactive discussion follows, with no set guidelines. 

In the winter of 2020 several group leaders shared their experience.

Listen to the recording HERE or watch the video HERE.

 HERE is the guide that was prepared by Shterna Ginsberg when the book was published.

Some other group recourses include group materials booklet and the 12 principles booklet.