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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

What does owning a G-dly soul mean to you?

Something that I learned made my ownership of a G-dly soul come alive for me.

Here’s what I learned:

R’ Moshe Yitzchok Hecht was sent by the Rebbe RaYatz of Lubavitch to strengthen Yiddishkeit in Connecticut. In 1974 – years later, when Rabbi Hecht was an accomplished Chossid – he wrote a letter to the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

I don’t know what Rabbi Hecht wrote in his letter but from the answer he received, it’s clear that he’d written about feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that he was experiencing in his life. He had asked the Rebbe for help.

In a letter dated 15 Tammuz 5734, the Rebbe responded:

“Even before you turned to me for help, I already did as you asked. I sent R’ Moshe Yitzchok Hecht to you. From your letter and from a previous letter, it seems that you don’t yet know this person. You don’t know the strengths he has. Try to get to know him now, and immediately everything will change: your mood, your trust in Hashem, your day to day happiness, etc.” (Printed in Igros Kodesh chelek 29, page 203)

Wait. What?

Who is the person worth getting to know?

As we go about our daily lives, we instinctively define ourselves by the events and situations we deal with. We instinctively think and act as if we are less than who our G-dly Self is.

When I face discomfort or distress, my auto-response is to take a back seat. A part of me tries to runs away. I feel sorry for myself. I feel helpless in the face of the Situation or the Person Who Is Causing the Problem. Resentment or fear bubbles up and flows like adrenalized lava.

Then I hear the timeless words in the letter to R’ Moshe Yizchok Hecht:

It seems that you don’t yet know Shterna Ginsberg. Get to know her.

Talk to your true self. She can help you like nobody else can. Don’t get stuck in your instinctive helplessness and self-pity. That’s the voice of your Animal Self. Reject that call. Have a conversation with your G-dly self, instead. When you do that, your hopeless situations will immediately change. Everything about your life will be different.

That’s what owning my G-dly Soul means to me. It means getting to know that part of me. It means learning about Who Hashem is; immersing my mind in study about His Greatness. It means allowing myself to feel awed by the thought that an actual part of Hashem is within me… It means identifying with that part of me and letting it make a practical difference in my life, here and now.

What does owning your G-dly Soul mean to you?

What qualities does your G-dly Soul add to your life?

In what way does having a G-dly Soul make a difference to your day?

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