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Tanya In Real Life

Learn how the ideas of Tanya are practical tools for emotional wellness, personal strength, inner security, and wholesome - meaningful relationships. 

The Key To Succesful Relationships

We experience our life's greatest joys, and pains, around our relationships.

This series of workshops was presented in honor of Your Awesome Self's second birthday, in the summer of 2021.

A relationship is the space between ourselves and others. In this series, we pull back the curtains to the inside of our relationships... And we discover that we can create more joy and peace in our lives, starting today.

Upgrade To Awesome

When we think about upgrading our lives, we think about how to influence other people or change all the things outside of ourselves. 

We want other people to change. In this series, we discover a secure path to upgrading the quality of our lives – by changing our own core beliefs and values.

We learn how to “POWER UP” when we are feeling down… And how to get into the front seat of our lives, where we can drive towards all the goodness that is our birthright.

Your Awesome Self Audiobook | by Shterna Ginsberg

The 12 Principles of Energized Living has empowered thousands of women to activate transformational goodness in their lives. In Your Awesome Self, Mrs. Shterna Ginsberg, workshop leader and spiritual coach, presents these principles in a format that puts a vast wealth of information at your fingertips.

Upgrade To Awesome | An 8-Part Workshop Series | for Young Women

During the first few months of the Coronavirus, Energized Living hosted a teleconference series for young adults. This is a meaningful series for anyone in this age group or for anyone who is teaching teens or young adults.

This series is only available by audio.



Make Each Moment Meaningful
Short daily EmunaBoosts with Shterna Ginsberg


The Gift of Energized Living | 8-Part Series | with Shterna Ginsberg

In the Summer of 2018, Kol Kevuda hosted an 8-part series with Mrs. Shterna Ginsberg, exploring the Gift of Energized Living from the ground up. Good, bad, beautiful and ugly – which labels belong to us? What practical steps can we take to own the empowerment of our Awesome Self? In this series, every recording is only about 30 minutes long. The content is the best summary of the book Your Awesome Self.

This series is only available by audio.

Around the Year | A Shabbos and Yom Tov Series | with Shterna Ginsberg

The special days on the Jewish calendar are not just about remembering the past. Each day holds a unique spiritual energy that gives us much-needed strengths for the entire year. In this series, explore the inner meaning of the special days on our calendar and enrich your experience of these days.

All of these classes are grounded in the teachings of Chassidus. Some of them are direct studies of the Baal HaTanya’s texts.

A 6-part workshop series with Shterna Ginsberg, empowering mothers with game changing tools. 
Based on the book "Your Awesome Self"

Season 1 | Weekly Discussion Group | Your Awesome Self | with Shterna Ginsberg

A weekly study group of the book "Your Awesome Self" with author Shterna Ginsberg.

Season 2 | Weekly Discussion Group | Your Awesome Self | with Shterna Ginsberg

A weekly study group of the book "Your Awesome Self" with author Shterna Ginsberg.