Let's Hakhel!

Shterna Ginsberg
Dear Friends, עמו"ש
As we prepare for the very first Shabbos of the new year, here's to your good health, and overflowing blessings!
The New Year we just entered is super special...
It is a year of Hakhel, which happens only once in 7 years.
Hakhel means Gather :)
During the times of the Bais HaMikdosh, all men, women, and children gathered together during Sukkos of this year in a massive celebration of unity, strength, and inspiration.
Every mitzva has a "body" and a "soul." The body is the external action. The soul is the inner intention and connection.
These days, since we don't have a Bais HaMikdosh, we don't have the obligation of this special mitzva. We don't have the "body" of Hakhel. Yet we can connect with the "soul" of this once-in-seven-years opportunity. We can gather -- first with ourselves, within our own inner sacred space of oneness with Hashem... And then with the people in our lives.  
This year, let's share more encouragement and strength with each other. Let's celebrate who we are and what our life is about.

At Energized Living, we're planning to fill this year with more opportunities to learn and to gather as sisters and friends... With prayers that we merit to gather in the Bais HaMikdosh with Moshiach!