2-part series

Let's Shabbos

Let’s get to know a treasure we receive every week – the gift of Shabbos. Shabbos is called a “Day of rest,” since Hashem “rested” after creating the world for six days. But Hashem never, ever takes a break. If Hashem would chas v’sholom “snooze” for the slightest fraction of a second, the world would no longer exist. So, what is Shabbos? We explore this meaningful topic in two parts, based on a text of the Baal HaTanya.
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Meet the presenter

Shterna Ginsberg

From Brooklyn, NY, Shterna Ginsberg is a popular author, life coach & motivational speaker with a worldwide audience that includes thousands of women. Her classes at Energizedliving.org are famous for empowering people to use spiritual tools to transform their lives and heal relationships.
Since its release in 2019, her groundbreaking book Your Awesome Self has been studied by countless groups & seminaries, becoming the top bestselling self-help book in the Torah world.