Lesson series

Around the Year

The special days on the Jewish calendar are not just about remembering the past. Each day holds a unique spiritual energy that gives us much-needed strengths for the entire year. In this series, explore the inner meaning of the special days on our calendar and enrich your experience of these days.
All of these classes are grounded in the teachings of Chassidus. Some of them are direct studies of the Baal HaTanya’s texts.
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Course contents

Meet the presenter

Shterna Ginsberg

From Brooklyn, NY, Shterna Ginsberg is a popular author, life coach & motivational speaker with a worldwide audience that includes thousands of women. Her classes at Energizedliving.org are famous for empowering people to use spiritual tools to transform their lives and heal relationships.
Since its release in 2019, her groundbreaking book Your Awesome Self has been studied by countless groups & seminaries, becoming the top bestselling self-help book in the Torah world.