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What is Living Geula?

The Geula is a time when we will be completely conscious of our Creator, Hashem.
At that time, the world and our personal lives will be filled with complete peace, healing, love, connection, and an abundance of every form of goodness.
Even before that time, we can experience a taste of Geula when we are conscious of Hashem, here and now.
In this community, we learn, grow, and support each other as we strive to taste the Geula in our personal lives. Together, we can:
1) Become more conscious of Hashem.
Get in touch with His Power, His Presence, His Love, His Protection. Know it, feel it, experience it in a tangible, practical way.
2) Claim our precious inner wealth.
The more we value Hashem, the more we value ourselves as carriers of His Infinite Light. 
3) Celebrate the Goodness.
When we share our insights or stories of victory, everyone in the community gains strength and clarity in our personal journeys.
4) Help bring the Geula for the entire world.
Every time we taste the Geula in our personal experiences, we bring the Geula closer for the entire world. 
May Hashem bring us Home today.

Welcoming the Aleph of Geula

From our Living Geula Community
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