Support. Friendship. Transformation.

Ready to discover
Your Awesome Self?

Read a book about it.
That's a great start.

Then, join a community that helps you get there. 

Now, that's Awesome.

When you think about what you're learning, and when you try implementing new ideas in your life, you're locked within your own self. You're still stuck within your own insecurity, doubts, fears.
When you talk about it with others, you are heard and understood. The clouds of insecurity, doubts, and fears -- suddenly, they're just clouds. They will part.
And listening to others' thoughts and experiences gives you new insight and greater strength.
You get friendship and support.
You get to discover Your Awesomeness.
The experience of a thriving discussion group is priceless beyond description.  

You can't buy this, even for all the money in the world.

But with an investment of time and personal commitment, you can give this priceless gift to yourself and others. 
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Today, there are book discussion groups in many locations around the world.
Energized Living hosts an online community at
On that website, there is a feature called "Book Study Groups," where you can easily find or post about your own learning community.

If you are interested in starting your own book discussion group, find all the information you need in a free course on this website.
Watch a video in which group leaders talk about their experience.
Download the discussion group guide & all materials.

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