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"In the merit of righteous women... we will be redeemed." Who is that "righteous woman?" It's YOU & ME :) Sometimes we cannot access our inner gift... That's when we need to remind, inspire, and strengthen each other. This song is for women only  

טעמו וראו
 'כי טוב ה

Taste and see that Hashem is Good.

It's Good to be here.

Clarity. Dignity. Happiness.
Better Relationships.

the Good life.

Over 10,000 women have elevated their lives through the work of Energized Living
and the book Your Awesome Self.
Now, it's your turn. 

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Welcome new insights and practical tools into your life and your relationships through learning from a diverse collection of classes.
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Our best course ever: INNER CLARITY

Do you want Shterna's ongoing personal guidance and support?
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All of our courses (the free courses & the paid course) are easily accessible by phone. We have local numbers in the United States, Israel, and the UK.
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In this book, Shterna Ginsberg presents the 12 Principles in a format that puts a vast wealth of information at your fingertips.
Ideal for group discussion or personal discovery, these pages are filled with effective strategies for upgrading the quality of your life and your relationships.

Our next course will iy"H begin י"ז חשון November 18th, 2024
Be part of it & experience goodness that lasts forever!

Our learners love us

No words can do justice to what I gained here... I can only describe the difference of before and after as the difference between being blind and being able to see... The best gift I ever gave to myself. 
Rivky G., Boro Park
Just one year ago, I was feeling hopeless & stuck, with no idea how I'd keep going. Today, after taking this course, I'm stronger, happier... I'm able to be there for my family with an entirely new level of connection.
Yitty S. Williamsburg
There is so much information out there, but this is nothing like anything else. This is having an amazing teacher who really gets it -- who gets ME -- pull me forward with personal guidance and support. 
Sury T., Monsey

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Moshiach: What will be?

Be ready to step into the climax of history with JOY :)
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Here's what our learners say...

This course is not just "based" on Torah. It's all about centering our lives within Hashem's reality.
I joined because I wanted more happiness in my life. I got so much more. I got a deeper appreciation of Yiddishkeit, too.

Sury F., Monroe

The best part for me has been the friendship.  Learning on the phone is convenient, but meeting in person gives me so much more. Walking into the room, feeling the buzz of real connection... 
Being able to share with people who are just like me -- it is so deeply validating! You can't buy this anywhere, for any money in the world.

Goldy R., Boro Park

My before and after for this course is too big to describe. I really thought my situation was hopeless. I was living, but just pushing through another day, and another. Now, I feel like I got my life back. And my family, too. Doing the work really worked for me. I recommend it to everyone I care about!

Toby G., Boro Park