4 ways to learn, connect, & thrive.

Take a free course.
Join or start a book discussion group
Invest in a 6-month course
Be part of an online community that supports your learning process

Free Courses

Get a taste of Energized Living with a free course that you can learn, starting now, at your own pace.
Though the recordings are not as professional as the Complete Learning Experience, the content has been helpful to many!
  • Connected Mothers
  • Thriving Relationships
  • Upgrade to Awesome
  • Let's Shabbos!
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Book Discussion Groups

Join a group of women who are working through the book Your Awesome Self.
  • Support and friendship
  • Join a group or start your own
  • Work through the book for as long as it takes to bring it into your life
  • There is nothing as empowering as doing this work with a small group!
  • Women who have done this are amazed by how much you can gain with no financial investment -- just a book and a group of women who want to learn and grow.
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The Complete Learning Experience

The entire Energized Living in one step-by-step package
  • Invest in yourself week by week for 7 months
  • Get Shterna's personal support along the way
  • Fail-proof strategies that make all the difference to your life
  • Discover Your Awesome Self -- and your Awesome Life & Relationships.
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Living Geula.com

An online community where the conversation is always meaningful and refreshing!
  • LivingGeula.com is a separate website that connects Jewish women from around the world and from all walks of life.
  • Be part of an ongoing conversation that revolves around inner work and growth in avodas Hashem.
  • Share your experience with people who need it -- discover the joy of giving
  • Connect with fellow community members 
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Write your awesome label here.
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